More great work this week!



  Online and in books!

Maths in games too!

VE Day:

Building Stonehenge!

If you visited the Wizard of Oz what would you wish for?


Authorfy 10 minute challenge… Can you create a plastic monster and write a short story or comic strip?


Honey I Shrunk the kids….


Hannah and her mum have been busy drawing pictures of what the world would look like if they shrunk!

Queen Victoria Factfile:


Flower Factiles:

Missing Posters:  

Jolly Postman Maps:



Describing a character:


Designing a crown fit for a Queen:

Potion makers:

Great Fire of London and Goldilocks:



Queen Victoria researchers!

Potion makers!

Facts about the Great Fire of London!

A new apron for the baker Thomas Farriner!

Fantastic bakers!  Super writers!