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Year 6 Answer Video Tutorials


Children can keep up to date with the news.

BBC Newsround

Classroom Secrets – Easter activities – see link below

Welcome to the Classroom Secrets Home Learning Timetable



Class 11 History Research Project


Testbase Activities

There is no need to print off the Testbase activities. You can simply use a pencil and paper to work out the answers. Work through each of the questions and then go back and check if answers are correct by clicking on the Mark Scheme Button:

The questions do get harder as the activity goes on.

Class 11 – Testbase Arithmetic – Pack 1 –

Class 11 – Testbase Arithmetic – Pack 2 –

Class 11 Testbase Problem Solving Pack 1 – –

Testbase Grammar – Reading the whole question to your child will help with these activities. There is no need to print off these packs. You only need a pencil/pen and paper if questions ask for something to be written down.

Class11 Testbase Grammar

Testbase Reading – Children should read the whole text aloud. They should then answer the questions. Make sure that they are returning to the text to answer the questions. Again, the questions do no need to be printed. The number of marks shows how much detail is needed in an answer.  The packs increase in difficulty.

Class 11 Testbase Reading Pack 1

Class 11 Testbase Reading Pack 2

Class 11 Testbase Reading Pack 3

Class 11 Testbase Reading Pack 4



Quick recall of number facts and times tables is an essential part of being a good mathematician.  Hit The Button will help your child to improve speed of recall.  Maybe they could play against you?

Hit The Button



Pobble 365 is an excellent website to get children writing. Each day, there  is a different picture.  You can also find: questions to discuss about the picture; a drawing activity; a story starter which children could finish; sentence activities.

Pobble 365


Class 11 Home-Learning-Pack

Class 11 PARENTS Home-Learning-Pack-Guidance-and-Answers

Class 11-Practical-Ideas

Geography Home Learning – Oddizzi

Login for pupils is:

Username: C11millbrook

Password: Welcome11

Geography Packs

KS2 Weather and Climate

KS2 Places

KS2 Physical Features

KS2 Country Close Up

KS2 Global Knowledge

KS2 Places2

KS2 Food and Farming

KS2 Physical Features2