Please see below letter from Knowsley Council.

Safety During Half Term


Guidance for all Parents

Please see the letter below with some new guidance for all parents/ carers.

Please refer to the latest guidance from Public Health England for your reassurance.

PHE NW Schools Resource Pack v2.8


Letter for all Parents 15th September 2020

September Reopening Update

Please see the Parent Guide for the Reopening of Millbrook Primary School to all pupils on Wednesday 2nd September.

Millbrook Parent Guide to Full reopening – August update



Knowsley Council Letter to parents – August 2020 – Email letter for parents – Leader of the Council – return to school 19 Aug



September Full School Return Update

I have attached a short guide for parents on the plans for September. I hope this helps to explain the changes in a simpler format. The biggest challenge we have faced is getting all children in and out of school safely to avoid too many adults and children on the playground at once.

The government guidance above asks schools to minimise contact between people to reduce transmission of coronavirus. I understand that staggered times are challenging for parents but this is unavoidable. If parents strictly keep to their child’s class times and we can get children in quickly and safely, then can review the plan and try to reduce time.







School Update – July 2020

I have attached the full plan for reopening for September 2020, so that parents who wish, can see all the safety measures we are implementing so that all pupils can attend school safely. I have also attached the risk assessment.

Later this week, I will send out a short parent guide so you an find specific information about your child.

It will be necessary to stagger entry and exit to school to ensure social distancing. I am trying to make this short a time as possible to avoid waiting and will rely on parent support to make this happen.

If you have any queries about the plans, please email before Friday 17th July.

MILLBROOK FULL REOPENING OF SCHOOL – VERSION 3COVID 19 risk assessment for full school reopening

School update

As you are all aware, tomorrow we welcome back the Year 6 children whose parents indicated they would like their child to return (early in June). Since then, staff have been reorganising rooms, moving resources, creating one way systems etc, all in line with government guidelines. Recently, our key worker list has increased and we have had to create a second group (D2).

All of our staff are deployed with the groups returning over the next week. We have to ensure that pupils remain in their bubble for lunch and they are supervised closely in small groups.

We understand that as the lockdown restrictions ease, parents confidence in returning pupils will increase and we ask you to be patient with us. We have organised bubbles for all the year groups and in order to take any additional pupils, we would have to create more bubbles, setting up another classroom and ensuring it is staffed appropriately.

All we can do at present, is to keep a list of children whose parents have changed their mind and review once all children are in next week. If then, and only if it is safe to do so, we can add to a bubble or create a new bubble, we will contact parents.

Government guidance has changed from day to day and in light of this we have had to change risk assessments, reopening plans, policies etc.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that we are in a position to reopen, for pupils whose parents indicated that they wished them to return (beginning of June).

We will be contacting Year 6 parents today (via email) with information about how we are organising our school. Parents of Nursery, Reception and Year 1, will be contacted early next week.

I have laid out the dates for the three phases below:

Phase 1 – Year 6 – Wednesday 24th June
Phase 2 – Year 1 – Monday 29th June
Phase 3 – Nursery and Reception – Wednesday 1st July

It has taken time to reorganise our building and resources safely and ensure appropriate levels of staffing. All information will be sent out so please be patient.

If, over the past few weeks, you have changed your mind and want to return your child to school, you may express an interest, once we have all the pupils on our list in school.

Do not turn up with your child unless we have contacted you. The pupils have been arranged in small specific bubbles, in line with all government guidance.

We look forward to starting the small, safe steps to reopening and hope to see all our children soon.

Please complete the form below for your child if they are in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 6

Parent -reopening form

Reopening – Parent information guide

Please click the links below to access information regarding the proposed reopening of schools.

Millbrook  C.P Primary School works closely with the other 14 schools in Kirkby.  The following is an update on the current plans and preparation for a possible

re-opening in June.

Letter from Kirkby Collaborative-20th May 2020 

MILLBROOK PLANNING FOR PHASED RETURN-22nd May 2020 (to be finalised)


FSM Information


Following the announcement by Boris Johnson, schools are directed to close on Friday 20th March at 3:15pm. He has requested that we stay open – where possible – for Key Workers; though the main principle is “If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be” Do also note the following: “Scientific advice on how to further limit the spread of COVID-19 is clear. If children can stay at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading.” Guidance for Schools Gov.Uk 19th March 2020.

Key Workers include: NHS staff, Police Officers, Fire Brigade, National security and prison staff, teaching staff, justice system staff, social care staff, delivering essential public services such as payment of benefits, food production and delivery workers and key public transport operatives. School have spoken directly with pupils considered vulnerable at this time.

Please see form below:

Emergency provision registration form Millbrook


Day to day communications from school will be made through our Class DoJo and Twitter accounts.

Twitter: @millbrookkirkby