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Science is a Core subject within the National Curriculum. The aims of the subject are :

– to encourage children to enquire, explore and observe so that they can ask questions about themselves and their environment.
– To encourage children to investigate and experiment in order to progress towards finding answers to their own questions.
– To develop a range of recording skills. It is vital that children record their results since without this, no conclusions can be drawn. Recording should be appropriate to the child’s age and ability. Recording is seen as a natural extension of the scientific investigative and experimental work. It is also an excellent opportunity to re-enforce language and mathematical skills.
– Encourage the interpretation of results
– Develop a progression of measurement taking
– Develop a use of secondary resources.

In order for these objectives to be achieved, science is taught using the Rising Stars Scheme which can be supplemented by staff with other schemes in school to allow depth of understanding The content and demands of the topics increase as the children progress through school so that science is taught through:
– direct teaching
– small group activities
– individual activities
– illustrative and investigative activities
– teacher prepared materials
– educational visits
– outside visitors and agencies invited to school

Enrichment Activities

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