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At Millbrook Primary School we aim to be inclusive, diverse and tolerant. We are situated in Kirkby Town and work within a family of local schools.   Our curriculum celebrates the local area and enables all children at Millbrook to show the qualities of a Kirkby child.   Working together with our family of schools the children of Kirkby have decided they wish to embody the following qualities:  Respect, honesty and truthfulness, resilience, positivity, good communication, commitment, hard work, confidence, politeness, ambition and aspirations.

We aim to teach a broad and balanced curriculum with clear progression through the key stages.  Our curriculum identifies threshold concepts and key knowledge which enable children to develop expertise and proficiency across and within all subjects.  These concepts drive our curriculum knowledge and progression maps which detail the breadth of study plus significant milestones along the way.  Our skilled and dedicated teachers build a sequence of lessons to facilitate the curriculum and progression.  Our teachers are supported by subject leaders who aid the planning process with high quality resources, clear expectations, thorough subject knowledge and pedagogy expertise.

In September 2022 we admitted a ‘bulge year’ to support the local authority to offer each child a primary school place in Kirkby.  In Summer 2023, it was indicated that the number of children on roll would be increasing in the future. These two external factors beyond our control, have impacted on our two-year rolling programme which will now be reviewed yearly until our numbers on roll settle down. 

How do we secure good progress at Millbrook?

During the morning we focus on the the key knowledge and skills of English and Mathematics. Our main whole school programmes such as Power of Reading, White Rose Mathematics, Spelling Mastery, Nelson Grammar and Read, Write Inc take place at this time. These programmes which are adapted to our local needs have been proven effective.  More information can be found on the English and Mathematics pages. There are set assessment points within these programmes which enable us to assess children’s progress and adapt our teaching and provision to match the needs of our pupils.

How do we ensure we maintain a broad and balanced curriculum?

Our wider curriculum is organised through subject specific topics which enable key concepts to be developed as children progress throughout the school.  These topics are enhanced by the Power of Reading programme which helps us to build a broad curriculum based on high-quality children’s literature with purposeful links to other curriculum areas.  Specific web-based resources ensure we have excellent teaching across our subject areas.  History teaching is brought alive through the Keystage History site which promotes children talking and thinking historically about events and why decision were made that affect us and our world to this day. geography teaching resources help our pupils to build a solid understanding of the people, places and cultures of the world. Our children can broaden their horizons as they view the world through the eyes of people who are passionate about the places they are sharing. Knowsley CLC  support the teaching of computing throughout school with face-to-face lessons, tech support and knowledge. Jigsaw The Mindful Approach to PSHE online portal provides us with an excellent and thorough programme for teaching well being and personal development to our pupils.

Some highlights we are looking forward to in 2023 -2024 as I write this in the summer holidays of 2023.

We have access to a new language learning platform which will improve our teaching of Spanish throughout school.  Staff have received training in the summer term, and this will be rolled out in Autumn 2023.  Mrs Frost will support and monitor this roll out and our first whole school topic aptly named ‘A new start’.

We have added Didi Dance to our school partnerships for PE.  They will join Beth Tweddle Gymnastics, St Helen’s Rugby and LFC foundation in helping us to provide a high quality PE curriculum for our pupils. We believe children will learn and do more with high quality instruction, practise and feedback.

Our science curriculum will look to enhance pupils knowledge of key concepts and build their science capital with meaningful relationships with Knowsley Safari Park and Martin Mere Wildlife Trust.

We look forward to engaging our pupils in a comprehensive range of lessons at Kirkby High School.  Our Year 4 Holly Class will be the first to enjoy these transition events with a series of history lessons. 

 If you require any further information about our curriculum then please contact us.

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