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We live in an environment where written text is all around us and we use the fundamentals of reading and writing in our daily lives.  This is why at Millbrook we believe that English should be at the heart of all aspects of school life.

At Millbrook we aim to deliver a high quality English curriculum that gives the children the best possible opportunities to become confident and successful readers and writers with a deep love and understanding of the English language.  We believe the development of reading and writing skills is central to improving a child’s life chances.

Our teachers have high expectations for all the children to achieve and enjoy the art of writing and to be able to use the skills they acquire in a range of contexts.  We promote reading throughout the curriculum and children are taught to develop their reading skills every day.  We strive to ensure all children can communicate clearly in written form and become masters of language.

Children are given daily opportunities to explore and develop their reading and writing skills through a number of rich, engaging and creative activities in order to prepare them for the world they live in.

We understand the importance of writing and language in our lives and we are committed to ensuring we do our very best to help the children in our care become creative writers and successful readers.

Miss J Dixon, English Lead

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