At Millbrook we follow Essentials Full Spectrum Curriculum written, devised and published by Chris Quigley.  This curriculum provides a full spectrum of opportunities in all subjects and caters for all abilities.  At Millbrook we take this solid foundation and add inspiring and creative teaching.  A key aim of that teaching is to ensure that pupils are fully engaged with their learning and connections are made within and between subjects.  We regularly have WOW events to launch specific topics across school.

During Spring Term 2017 Virgin Balloons brought a hot air balloon to our school and this marked the memorable event that ensured our topic ‘Up, up and away.’ was a great success.  In Summer Term 2017 we had a special Mini Police Launch Day, which became the focus of our curriculum work that term.  The arrival of the Police helicopter which performed a dance for us on our field was by far the most memorable part of the day.  The events help us to secure strong engagement from our pupils and enable us to ensure life long learning.

At Millbrook we compliment this core curriculum with specific programmes which are perfectly tailored to our needs.  For example, Ruth Miskin’s Read, Write Inc enables our children to make a strong start to their reading and writing attainment.  McGaw and Hill’s Spelling Mastery ensures our children receive a loyal and structured approach to spelling throughout our school.  White Rose Planning and Times Tables Rock Stars form the foundations of our Mathematics curriculum.  Our work with the local maths hub has enabled our teaching of mathematical reasoning to go from strength to strength.

Our curriculum is fluid and flexible and we regularly review the breadth and balance of our curriculum whilst ensuring we focus on our local needs.

You will find the curriculum map for each class in the links below.  We run a two-year rolling programme and this is comprehensively reviewed every three years.  The curriculum map details the curriculum content your child will receive in each class.  The Teaching and Learning Policy gives you further details on the rationale for our teaching and learning.

Teaching and Learning at Millbrook Primary School July 17 Review

Class 2 Year B Curriculum Plans Reviewed July2017

Class 3 Year B Curriculum Plans Reviewed July 2017

Class 4 Year B Curriculum PlansReviewed July 2017

Class 7 Year B Curriculum Plans Reviewed July 2017

Class 8 Year B Curriculum Plans Reviewed July 2017

Class 9 Year B Curriculum Plans Reviewed July 2017

Class 10 Year B Curriculum Plans Reviewed July 2017

Class 11 Year B Curriculum Plans Reviewed July 2017