What’s Happening?

Our Digital Leaders have been discovering what’s happening throughout the school.

Read on to discover more.

Year 2 and Year 6 have been working extremely hard for their forthcoming SATS tests in May. Keep up the hard work!

Class 1 have been learning about the senses.


Class 2 have learned how to tell o’clock and half past times.

clockAsk your child to read the time.

What is the red hand called? What is the blue hand called?

                              Class 3 are learning about fractions, they can recognise halves and quarters.


Class 4 have been learning about George Stephenson and trains over time.


Class 7 are impressing Mrs Capper with their hardworking attitude. They have been learning about different types of measurement: cm, m, g and kg.

Class 8 are watching their grass heads grow!

grass head

Class 9 have been learning about Earth and Space. They have created their own planets using paper mache.


Class 10 are learning about algebra and report writing.



In the Nursery the children are having so much fun being scientists in the outdoor play area.