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Millbrook C.P School have appointed nine Digital Leaders today. Training will take place every Tuesday after school in the ICT Suite.

Millbrook News by Millbrook Digital Leaders


Nursery: They had a Braille machine to show children how to use other senses.

Class 1: They had a lot of fun celebrating Chinese New Year.

Class 2: They have been assessing their own Golden Sentences

( sentences with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces) in ‘The Big Write’.

Class 4: They have been improving their basic skills.

Class 8: They have enjoyed visiting Kirkby High School for P.E lessons.

Class 9: They have enjoyed visiting Kirkby High School to learn about Buddhism.

Class 10: They have experienced a lot of new things they have really enjoyed learning how to cook.

Class 11: They have been working really hard preparing for SATS.


By Grace Armstrong and Danlin Zhang