Below are some useful links for home schooling your child at this current time.

Oak National Academy provides a sequenced plan of video lessons and curricular resources. It’s been developed by 40 state school teachers from different areas, working together to respond to schools having to change the way they teach.
This is an entirely free platform, it has been designed to be accessible on any device including mobile, and there are no sign-up or logins required. Whilst the platform has been created quickly, we’ve tried to make it as simple and as user friendly as possible. We’ll keep improving it in the coming weeks.
Supported by the Department for Education, Oak National Academy is free to use and will be open at least until schools return.

Daily lessons are added following where your children in currently up to in the curriculum

There is no need to print off the Testbase activities. You can simply use a pencil and paper to work out the answers. Work through each of the questions and then go back and check if answers are correct by clicking on the Mark Scheme Button:
The questions do get harder as the activity goes on.

Year 4 – Testbase Arithmetic – Pack 1
Year 4 – Testbase Arithmetic – Pack 2
Year 4 –  Testbase Arithmetic – Pack 3 –

Year 4 –  Testbase Problem Solving Pack 1 —

All children have been given a login in for this site

All children have been given a login in for this site


Free access to online reading books age-related


A free resource for the teaching of Spanish


Pupils can now access Oddizzi at home on the following website:

To access the website find your child’s class and use the following usernames and passwords:
c9millbrook millbrook9 (Class 9)

This is a fantastic resource and allows children to explore the world, read or watch CBBC World news, access learning zones and play the Umbozo quiz-show what you know! Each class has a class leaderboard where they can compete against their classmates while showing off their knowledge of the world!

Lets be the best class at this challenge!

Geography Packs 

KS2 Country Close Up

KS2 Physical Features

KS2 Places

KS2 Weather and Climate

KS2 Food and Farming

KS2 Places2

KS2 Global Knowledge

KS2 Physical Features2

Crest Awards

Science awards you can complete from home.

iDEA Awards
Digital enterprise award scheme you can complete online.

Classroom Secrets Summer Term Home Learning Packs