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Word of the Day

At Millbrook, we have a whole school approach to language development. Our aim for language development is to ensure:

  • Every lesson develops language
  • We raise the profile of oracy as this develops language
  • We use subject specific language
  • We use tier 2 words

Each of our lessons, across the whole curriculum, have a Word of the Day (WOTD). Each word is selected from our list of tier 2 words and/or subject specific word lists created by our subject leads using the Making Words Work document.

The children are given opportunities to understand the meaning of the WOTD alongside completing activities to embed the meaning and/or use the word in their writing.

We access various activities through Vocabulary Ninja and the children complete a vocabulary laboratory, at least once a week.

Please click the link below for a copy of the Vocabulary Laboratory

By doing a WOTD we are ensuring our pupils are receiving high quality language development as this supports their ability to communicate and their development of their reading and writing skills. We are also exposing the children to the words that could be unfamiliar and providing them with a wealth of vocabulary which they understand.

Please click the links below for a copy of our tier 2 words and the Making Words Work document.

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