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Home Learning Photographs Year 2

More great work this week!

Adventure To Disney Realm by Michaela

One sunny morning, I was surrounded by engines and other parts. Then when I finished my machine I pressed the start button and a few others. But then I accidentally pushed the “Don’t push” button! It opened a weird portal. So of course I put my hand in. But then it sucked me in. It seemed like I CRASHED onto a flying carpet. The flying carpet lowered me onto the floor. Then I saw Mickey and Minnie, so I walked over to them. They asked “What are you doing here?” looking perplexed. I said” I teleported here but I don’t know ?”I said feeling discombobulated.” I MUST OF PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!”

  Mickey suggested we go back to the club house to ask Simba and Nala for some help. During our walk there Daisy came running towards us ” Have you seen Simba and Nala? “Daisy questioned.  We shook our heads. Minnie explained” That is who we were searching at the club house.” Then I remembered, ” I saw two lions floating past me when I was in the portal. It must have caused them to go into  my world!!!”

Mickey rounds up the alley cats from The Aristocats . And together they try to make a plan. Suddenly…Thomas O’Mally jumped up and exclaimed” I’ve got it!” We can go back to the club house and get the mousekatools”  

“Great idea Thomas” said Mickey cheerfully. ” Let’s Go!!!” shouted Thomas. So they went to the club house and used the mousekatools to open the portal. I went home, I told Nala and Simba to “Go back through the portal and it will take you home”“Thank You” replied Nala. 

I ran downstairs and shouted “BEST DAY EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Then I jumped on the couch and woke my dad up.

The Adventures with my invention had only just begun…

Rainbow Star by Jack Y

Upstairs me and Christopher were playing my new Number blocks game. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shiny gold star, then I was the colour of the rainbow star. Suddenly there was no gravity. I touched Christopher and he flew away faster than anyone. I loved being multi coloured and flying. Everyone was floating in the air; it was only the small creatures that weren’t. The worlds gone nuts! I thought. Then a bright yellow laser blast hit everyone that was floating, and we all started to fall from the sky. I was screaming it was exciting, then I screamed “I’m going to hit the floor!” Then I woke up, I was in my bed and Number blocks was on the T.V. What a strange dream!

The magic school bus by Maisie A

Cold Adventure by Hannah



  Online and in books!

Maths in games too!

VE Day:

Building Stonehenge!

If you visited the Wizard of Oz what would you wish for?


Authorfy 10 minute challenge… Can you create a plastic monster and write a short story or comic strip?


Honey I Shrunk the kids….


Hannah and her mum have been busy drawing pictures of what the world would look like if they shrunk!

Queen Victoria Factfile:


Flower Factiles:

Missing Posters:  

Jolly Postman Maps:



Describing a character:


Designing a crown fit for a Queen:

Potion makers:

Great Fire of London and Goldilocks:



Queen Victoria researchers!

Potion makers!

Facts about the Great Fire of London!

A new apron for the baker Thomas Farriner!

Fantastic bakers!  Super writers!



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