What’s Happening?

Spring 2018 events

On February 6th, Year 6 will be travelling into Liverpool City Centre to take part in some great cultural experiences. Firstly, they will see some great historic sites in Liverpool, followed by a trip to La Tasca Spanish restaurant. The afternoon will begin with a trip to the Royal Court to see the ‘Her Benny’, a musical based on the 19th Century novel by Silas Hocking.

During February and March, all children from Reception to Year 6 will take part in workshops led by a Chester Zoo Safari Ranger before visiting Chester Zoo. The event is very exciting and we hoping to have a Willow Weaver at Millbrook during the workshops to help children develop some willow sculptures.


Aladdin Pantomime

In December, all children were treated to the pantomime Aladdin. The children enjoyed this traditional, festive performance and were fully involved throughout.


Odeon Cinema Visit

In November, all pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 visited the Odeon cinema at Switch Island. Class 1, 2 ,3 4, 7 and 8 watched the film ‘Moana’ whilst Classes 9, 10 and 11 watched ‘Emoji.’ The children had a fantastic time, they were very well behaved and all adults commented positively.


UFO landing

On Monday 31st October 2017, a mysterious UFO landed on Millbrook’s School Playing Field. The mini police assisted the police in protecting the UFO until removed by CSI. Children at Millbrook are helping to find out where the UFO came from and whether any aliens were on board.


Health School News

Millbrook School was the first school in Knowsley to be given the NHS Healthy School bronze award. We have now received the silver and gold award and are very proud of our achievements.

Sporting News


Year 2 football champions

Millbrook have been crowned the Liverpool Academy Tournament Champions for Year 2 . The children all received medals. Well done!


Year 3, 4 and 5 have also competed in football tournaments and have tried very hard.


Class 3 – Class 3 have enjoyed several weeks of sign language training and will demonstrate this in an assembly at 2:45pm on Monday 4th December (Parents welcome)

Class 10 – Class 10 have enjoyed a block of science over at KHS.

Key Stage 2 children are currently being trained in sword fencing with bronze, silver and gold awards at the end.


Class 9 and 10 have been enjoying a focus on the dangers of smoking and alcohol.  Representatives from Knowsley NHS have been talking to the children about this.

Class 10 took part in six weeks of Forest School earlier this year. They learned all about how to use the natural environment. Last week they demonstrated their skills to the Reception children and helped train the children.

Key Stage 2 children are taking part in healthy cookery.

Other news


Class 9 and 11 have visited Kirkby Library.

Class 1 and 2 visited Liverpool Maritime Museum and went by train to this event.

Mini Police have supported the police on a number of community events including handing out leaflets to the public.

Year 6 took part in a Your Choice Conference which educates young people on the choices they make at adulthood.

Prescot Museum loaned Millbrook a Mini Museum which as used to celebrate the fantastic work in classes.