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Year 2

Should your child be forced to stay at home due to symptoms linked to Corona Virus, we wanted to offer you some ideas to help you continue their education.

What is your child learning this term?

Home School Learning – There is no need to print off the Testbase activities. You can simply use a pencil and paper to work out the answers. Work through each of the questions and then go back and check if answers are correct by clicking on the Mark Scheme Button:

The questions do get harder as the activity goes on.

Year 1 – Testbase Arithmetic

Year 2 – Testbase Arithmetic

Testbase Problem Solving Packs – These packs will be more challenging than the Arithmetic Packs.  Pack 2 is more challenging than Pack 1.

Class 4 – Testbase Problem Solving Pack 1 –

Class 4 – Testbase Problem Solving Pack 2 –

Testbase Grammar – Reading the whole question to your child will help with these activities. There is no need to print off these packs. You only need a pencil/pen and paper if questions ask for something to be written down.

 Class 4 Testbase Grammar

Testbase Reading – Children should try to read the whole text aloud. You can then discuss the answers to the questions. The children should go back to the text to find the answers.

Class 4 Testbase Reading

Lots of children have been sending photographs of their amazing work to our Classdojo page. Have a go at some of the activities for our Great Fire of London project:

Click on the image above to see the activities clearly.

Y2 Spelling and English challenge cards

Our next topic for the history enthusiasts:

Who was Queen Victoria ?

 Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II

Class 4 Home Learning Pack

Class 4 PARENTS Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Class 4 Practical Ideas

Teacher: Mrs Whiley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Capper



Parents can help at home by:


Helping us learn our 2,3,5 and 10 times tables. We have a three minute daily Rockstars times table test.We need to know these by the end of the year! Click on the images below to play some times tables games.



Reading with us each night. We can read newspapers, books, poems and become familiar with the type of texts we will be learning about. Ask questions about what we have read to check our understanding. Click the image below and register for free to access lots of electronic books online:


Practising telling the time with us. We are working hard to tell half past, quarter past and quarter to and also to be able to calculate differences in time. E.g. how long a TV show lasts or how long a journey takes. The following websites may help:



Helping us to research the famous people that we are learning about. The internet has so much information we can choose from and maybe a visit to the library could help us to. We will be learning about Christopher Columbus during Autumn term so maybe you could do some research with your child to support their learning.

Our P.E day is every Wednesday. Homework and spellings are given out each Wednesday and they have to be returned by the following Wednesday. We will have a spelling test every Wednesday and your child’s score will be sent home with their new spellings. Help your child to learn the common exception words for Year 1 and 2.

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